Monday, December 24, 2007


More Inanity, More Insanity

According to the latest lunacy out of academia, Jewish soldiers don't rape Arab women because we are racists and see them as sub-humans.

Yeah. And if we truly respected the Arabs' common humanity, then we would treat them like their brothers do - like the Lebanese army indiscriminately bombed Nahr Al-Bard to crush a terrorist group headquartered there or like the Syrian army turned Hama into a parking lot to kill Islamists using the town as a base camp, for example.

And our supply of electricity and basic necessities to Hamas-controlled Gaza is utterly inhumane! My Lord, what have we been thinking? Clearly our not cutting off power and supplies to the Arab territory is an indication that we see them as subhumans.

And our persistent attempts to make peace with them just show our complete disrespect for them and their traditions. We persist, in our superiority complex, in pointedly ignoring Arab desires, wishes and aspirations to destroy Jewish sovereignty of any kind, to see all Jews in Israel dead, subjugated or in flight, to achieve death in a bombing or shooting attack, and their traditional beliefs that Jews are descended from pigs and monkeys.

We, in a display of typical Jewish arrogance, deny them their “narrative” that ends in a massacre of the Jews in Israel.


Released Terrorists, With No Blood on Their Hands, Kill 37 People

Two terrorists who murdered 37 people last week in a double suicide bombing attack had been released from prison in a good will amnesty some time ago. Neither of the two men fell under the category of prisoners "with blood on their hands."

Could the two men described above be from the Palestinian Authority? Could their victims be Israelis?


However, that particular news item about "no-blood-on-their-hands" terrorists who went on to accumulate buckets of blood on their hands comes from Algeria. One of the jihadists was a 64-year-old man who had terminal cancer. His only crime until December 11, 2007 - for which he was imprisoned - was being a member of the Muslim fundamentalist Islamic Salvation Front. His younger accomplice, 32 years old, had been arrested on the charge of "supporting terrorist groups."

It has been clearly demonstrated that the overwhelming majority of terrorists released from Israeli jails also return to murderousness. 177 Israelis were killed, and many others wounded, as a result of "good will" releases between 1993-1999 alone.

In an unrelated item, Defense Minister Ehud Barak is to meet with Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak in the Sinai this week. The meeting is supposedly part of negotiations with Hamas over their release of IDF Cpl. Gilad Shalit in exchange for dozens of Arab terrorists imprisoned in Israeli jails.

Thursday, December 20, 2007


Inanity, Insanity and a Portent of Calamity

This week saw at least three events that stood out for their level of inanity, insanity and portending calamity.

Vatican City Must Abandon Its Christian Character
The first item that caught my eye this week - and knocked me off my chair for its sheer ridiculousness - was the statement by Roman Catholic Archbishop Michel Sabbah on Wednesday that a state defined as Jewish is unacceptable and should be reformed.

Leaving aside the fact that Sabbah never critiqued the self-defined Arab and Islamic states in this region for a moment, isn't Archbishop Sabbah an official representative of the sovereign state called "Vatican City," last link to the defunct "Holy Roman Empire"?

I could be wrong, but I seem to recall that Vatican City does have some sort of official state religion. No?

Juden, Raus!
The next item that I can't resist commenting on I refer to as "insanity," but on a more serious level, it actually amounts to a disgrace.

It seems that Knesset Member Yoram Marciano (Labor) is in favor of another Disengagement. This time in Lod, the city adjacent to Ben-Gurion International Airport and well within the 1948 armistice lines (a.k.a., the Green Line). Yes, you read that right - Marciano has publicly advocated expelling the Jews of Lod. Why? Well, because they are living in fear and find themselves under constant anti-Semitic attack by some of their Arab neighbors. Naturally. Isn't that pretty much national policy now?

It is eminently clear that someone who thinks that the proper response to anti-Semitic violence is that Jews be expelled from their homes cannot possibly be a Zionist or a Jewish patriot. Given that, I will point out an observation that should concern Marciano strictly as a non-sectarian Israeli leader.

Experience shows that expelling the victims does not end the violence perpetrated by thugs; it merely forces them to change targets. When the Christian Arabs in Lod come under attack, will Marciano propose "disengaging" them? And after that, when Sunnis turn on Shiites, will the Shiites have to go?

Allow me to assume that Marciano would answer my rhetorical questions thus: "Of course not! Don't be racist! We of the enlightened Left only ever propose expelling Jews."

Green. Peace.
The final bit of craziness for the week is the news that the walls of the Old City of Jerusalem are to be illuminated with green lights tonight. City Hall, under Mayor Uri Lupolianski, claims that the color was selected as a sign of Jerusalem's commitment to the environment, in conjunction with Greenpeace and the Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel.

I am not in principle opposed to such gestures in honor of the environment, but I wonder if it escaped the notice of the Jerusalem honchos that green is the color of Islamic conquest and supremacy. Well, timing is everything.

You see, these are also the days of the Muslim holiday of Eid al-Adha and the season of the Muslim Haj pilgrimage.

Either the event planners at City Hall are abysmally ignorant of the holidays of their Muslim neighbors, and this is a coincidence, or they are well aware of the significance to Muslims of lighting up Jerusalem in green on their holiday - and that is precisely why they did it. If it is the former explanation, then I am shocked at the utter stupidity; if the latter, and City Hall simply wants to deceive non-Muslims as to the purpose of the green lights, then those lights portend far worse things to come.

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