Monday, December 12, 2005


Arabs Don't Really Want Israel Destroyed

As if we needed it, evidence of the intentions of the Arabs in the Palestinian Authority - across the board - was presented in several recent news reports.
Hamas Campaign Calls for Destroying Israel
18:47 Dec 12, '05 / 11 Kislev 5766

( According to the Palestinian Media Watch (PMW) organization, a new Hamas campaign video declares that it will not give up its armed struggle until Israel is destroyed and the Hamas flag flies over its cities. The video, accessible on the Hamas web site, also praises the Islamic love of death as superior to the Israeli love of life and expresses support for Israeli Arabs who destroy Israel "from the interior," according to PMW.

The latest video competes, to some extent, with the election campaign of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP), a veteran component of the PLO. The PFLP will be running in January's Palestinian Authority election under the slogan, "Destroy the Zionist Enterprise."

Officials from the PA also recently organized a UN-sponsored event that featured a map of the land of Israel titled "Palestine", without any trace of the Jewish state.
Followed by:
Poll: Hamas Will Win at Least 1/3 of the Seats in PA Elections
19:15 Dec 12, '05 / 11 Kislev 5766

( The Islamist Hamas terrorist organization will win about one-third of the seats in the Palestinian Authority governing body in upcoming elections, according to a new poll conducted by the Palestinian Center for Political Studies under the direction of Dr. Khalil El-Shkaki.

According to the survey, 50% of the PA Arabs will vote for the Fatah organization, currently running the PLO and the PA, while 32% will vote for Hamas. Nine percent of those polled said that they have yet to decide to whom they will give their support.

A second poll this week showed 45% of PA Arabs saying they will vote for Hamas in January's parliamentary elections.
All of that, of course, was preceded by these from non-Arab, but fiercely Muslim, Iran: Iranian President Calls To Transfer Israel to Europe - 15:08 Dec 09, '05 / 8 Kislev 5766 and Iran´s President Calls for Destruction of Israel and the West - 20:18 Oct 27, '05 / 24 Tishrei 5766.

Elsewhere, as WorldNetDaily reported, one of the publication's reporters was denied entry to Syria because he is Jewish. Anti-Semitism?

And who could forget the classic, wildly popular 2001 hit song from Egypt, "Ana Bakra Isra'il" ("I Hate Israel")?
The singer, Sha'aban 'Abd Al-Raheem, told the Qatari Al-Raya newspaper that he was invited to the United States to perform "I Hate Israel", but he turned down the invitation for fear of his life. The CIA and Mossad, Al-Raheem claimed, may be out to "get" him.

Al-Raheem also said that the same hit song of hatred and venom against Israel, which launched his stardom, caused him to lose a sponsorship contract with the Egyptian branch of the McDonald's global chain. McDonald's is launching a Felafel Burger and sought native talent to promote the product. However, according to the Qatari newspaper, when the identity of the preferred sponsor was known, "a Jewish official" in the US objected and the contract was cancelled.

And all of that is a mere sampling. I haven't mentioned the medieval blood libels, the Protocols of the Elders of Zion movies, the cries of "Kill the Jews!" in the mosques, the consistently popular Mein Kampf, and the Egyptian foreward added to an Arabic version of Shimon Peres' book The New Middle East that warned that the book revealed the Jews' plans for regional domination over the Arabs.

But, there is one piece of ironic news in recent days. The French, those people oh-so-sensitive to Israeli violations of Arab human rights and critical of Israeli "over-reactions" to terrorism, have decided to consult with experts to handle potential future Arab-Muslim riots at home. They turned to Israel.

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