Monday, July 30, 2007


Zionist Plots and Zionists Plotz

Two items that appeared in the Middle Eastern press this week are perfect specimens of the rampant and rabid paranoid anti-Jewish incitement, coupled with avoidance of responsibility, in the Muslim world.

The more entertaining of the two items concerned the world-renowned Hogwarts student of magic, Harry Potter. Yes, that Harry Potter.

What, Islamic fundamentalists are not allowed to cash in on Pottermania?

Kayhahn, an Iranian publication closely affiliated with the ruling mullahs under "supreme leader" Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, called the Harry Potter series "a billion-dollar Zionist project." The books have been nefariously designed, according to Iran's mullahs, to "disrupt young minds." Khamenei had criticized Iran's Culture and Islamic Guidance Ministry for approving the distribution of the latest book in the Harry Potter series.

Fie! Our plans have been revealed! What gave it away? Was it naming the character in the Harry Potter series who wants to control the world "Voldemort," in homage to our esteemed leader "Olmert"?

Less amusing, but equally insightful, were statements made by Sudan's defense minister, as reported by the Saudi Arabian daily Okaz, to the effect that Jews are the reason the mass-murder-genocide in Darfur is considered to be such a big, annoying deal.

(After all, is a genocidal race war by Arabs against Blacks in Africa really such a big deal, in comparison with the suffering of Arabs waiting in the hot sun at Jewish checkpoints in Judea and Samaria? But I digress.)

According to Sudanese Defense Minister Abdelrahim Mohammad Hussein, the Jews are wielding their control of the international media and financial markets on behalf of rebel elements inside Darfur, including by direct financial and political support. "The Darfur issue is being fueled by 24 Jewish organizations, who are making the largest amount of noise over the issue, and using the Holocaust in their campaigning," Hussein continued.

Mwuah-hah-hah-hah-hah! All those United Nations resolutions condemning Sudan! The deployment of UN "peacekeepers" in Sudan! The daily - daily! - editorials the world over condemning Sudan! The campus agitation against Sudan's very right to exist! Yes, we have been extraordinarily successful in the case of Sudan....

All kidding aside, this is, you must admit, a bit pathological. And yet, completely expected and reflective of the Muslim mindset when it comes to the Jews. Why? Maybe the Koran has the answer:

Koran 5:64 - "Every time [the Jews] kindle the fire of War, Allah doth extinguish it; But they ever strive to do mischief on earth."

Koran 5:13 - "You shall always discover treachery in [the Jews] excepting a few of them."

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