Monday, December 24, 2007


More Inanity, More Insanity

According to the latest lunacy out of academia, Jewish soldiers don't rape Arab women because we are racists and see them as sub-humans.

Yeah. And if we truly respected the Arabs' common humanity, then we would treat them like their brothers do - like the Lebanese army indiscriminately bombed Nahr Al-Bard to crush a terrorist group headquartered there or like the Syrian army turned Hama into a parking lot to kill Islamists using the town as a base camp, for example.

And our supply of electricity and basic necessities to Hamas-controlled Gaza is utterly inhumane! My Lord, what have we been thinking? Clearly our not cutting off power and supplies to the Arab territory is an indication that we see them as subhumans.

And our persistent attempts to make peace with them just show our complete disrespect for them and their traditions. We persist, in our superiority complex, in pointedly ignoring Arab desires, wishes and aspirations to destroy Jewish sovereignty of any kind, to see all Jews in Israel dead, subjugated or in flight, to achieve death in a bombing or shooting attack, and their traditional beliefs that Jews are descended from pigs and monkeys.

We, in a display of typical Jewish arrogance, deny them their “narrative” that ends in a massacre of the Jews in Israel.

I have started an inspirational initiative that would be much more successful if other bloggers took part in it. (I hope it is ok for me to contact you through here, I wasn’t sure of the best way).

The initiative is explained at:

If you decide to participate, and I hope many do, I will link to whatever post you make on the subject.

I would love to hear your comments and opinions on this initiative (even if you do not participate)!

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