Monday, September 05, 2005


Haaretz Explains Why Relations With Arabs Are "Fragile"

"The evacuation of settlements in the Gaza Strip and northern West Bank, as well as recent Jewish terrorist attacks in Shfaram and the West Bank have left relations between Jews and Arabs particularly fragile." -- from Haaretz online newspaper, at the end of a story about a couple being sentenced for throwing a pig's head at a mosque.

That's Haaretz's disgustingly obsequious, dhimmi, galut, self-loathing attitude. See? It ain't the hundreds of Arab terrorist attacks every month - including the Katyusha on Eilat and the suicide bombing in Be'er Sheva, to name the most dramatic recent events - that lead to "fragile" relations. It's not daily doses of the most vulgar anti-Semitism preached since Nazi Germany.

Oh no. Just when Jews (allegedly) carry out terrorist attacks. That makes relations "fragile".

This way, when Hamas or a PLO offshoot carries out the next terrorist atrocity against Jews, we can flip back to the Haaretz archives and learn that it was, after all, the Jews who pushed the "fragile" relationship with the Arabs too hard - what with their constant terrorist attacks and their "evacuation of settlements" (I still don't get how that makes for "fragile relations", but maybe I just don't know enough).

It is just like when Herschel Grynszpan shot a Nazi official in France. That was a radical act that "precipitated" Kristalnacht, wasn't it? His shooting made relations "fragile", no doubt, between Germans and Jews to the point where the poor Germans just had to smash some synagogues.

On the other hand, when Jews are killed by Arabs, why, then relations are apparently solid and all is right with the world, a la Haaretz - the newspaper for the thinking Israeli... (thinking he's an Arab, perhaps?)

And when will your journalism work (A7) be considered mainstream, instead of only for the lucky few online?
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