Tuesday, September 20, 2005


Black Rage

Saw this on TV on September 18th, allegedly filmed unbeknownst to those involved:

A protest against the security fence in a local Arab village. Arabs are inside a locked mosque courtyard. They call out to a Jewish soldier of Ethiopian origin through the gate:

"Hey, nigger. Hey, nigger. What are you doing? You have no rights... This is a mosque!"

Soldier: "Who are you calling nigger?!"

Then, soldier pulls out a tear gas cannister and looks like he's ready to throw it. But he clutches it, walks to and fro, infuriated. His comrades encourage him: "Throw it! Throw it!"

Eventually, he does. Gas cannister lands in mosque courtyard. All hell breaks loose (hey, a mosque was "violated").

Now, guess in what context this was presented:

a) As an example of Arab anti-African racism.
b) Arab hypocrisy in using their mosque as cover for incitement, and then getting upset about attacks on the mosque.
c) Arab cowardice - hiding inside a locked courtyard and antagonizing Jews.
d) Jewish restraint in the face of provocations by Arabs.
e) An example of how Jews cause anti-fence protests to turn violent with their unrestrained provocations against Muslims.

If you guessed (e), you win a free subscription to Makes-Sense-To-Me news......

And I remind you - this was Israeli TV (Channel 2; But I expect good ol' Channel 10 to do an expose any minute about how the mosque was actually the national Hamas headquarters and how the soldier was an immigrant convert from New Orleans, Louisiana......)

..and who was in charge? So pathetic. (I'm referring to the soldiers)
Who was in charge to keep the soldier from reacting?

Regardless of all of the horrible behavoir on the Arab side, we can not allow ourselves to be dragged down to their level because of their mouths.

Our restraint during these occasions allow us to, with moral clarity, destroy entire buildings to remove terrorists. But with out that restraint, we lose our vision.
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