Thursday, August 04, 2005


Disobedience? Democratic rule?

The state of Israeli democracy. Remember, no one banned Women in Black from their protests *against* Jewish residency in Judea, Samaria and Gaza. No one stopped them from wearing black articles of clothing......

4 August 2005 Beit El Couple Arrested for Talking Disengagement
29 July 2005 Azriel Shopping Center Bars Orange Clad Group Entry
28 July 2005 Referendum Coordinator Arrested and Released
20 July 2005 Veteran Expulsion Prisoner Released, Another is in for 3 Months
20 July 2005 Civil Administration Offices Forbid Entry to Cars With Orange Strips
20 July 2005 Arad: Police Prevented Distribution of Orange Strips
20 July 2005 IDF Changing Military Police Vests – Because of the Orange
19 July 2005 Orange Bracelet Costs Soldier 21 Days in Lockup
13 July 2005 Temporary Order Allows Orange-Haired Aide to Return to Work
12 July 2005 Army Bars Car Ribbons from Base
8 July 2005 Orange Flag Confiscated; "Orange Sabbath" to Commence
3 July 2005 Students Detained by Police After Imaginative Protest
27 June 2005 Parliamentary Aide Banned From Knesset Due to Orange Hair
26 June 2005 ´Orange Wave´ Upsets Sharon, Bush and Police
23 June 2005 Seniors Take Civics Exam - Then Eulogize Israeli Democracy
19 June 2005 More Orange Ribbon Regulations & Infractions
17 June 2005 Peace Now Orange Phobia
16 June 2005 Soldiers to Face Hearing For Wearing Orange Ribbon
6 June 2005 Prison Commander: "I Want Children Like These ´Law-Breakers´"
3 June 2005 Ariel College Ejects 'Orange Americans'
1 June 2005 Orange Students: Knesset Guards Humiliated Us
1 June 2005 Jerusalem Mall Clarifies Orange Policy
31 May 2005 Jerusalem Mall Bars Orange Ribbon Patrons
26 May 2005 MK Elon: Police Think Orange is Incitement
26 May 2005 Police Prevent Distribution of Orange Gush Katif Solidarity Ribbons
24 May 2005 Knesset Expels MK for Orange Hat
23 May 2005 Government Officials Concerned Over the Breakout of Orange Fever
23 May 2005 Israel Apologizes to India Over Orange Ban
22 May 2005 Knesset Guards Confiscate Orange Scarves
16 May 2005 Supreme Court to Decide Fate of Katif From Afar
15 May 2005 Prayer in Orange Forbidden at Western Wall
23 March 2005 Police Detain Orange Wearer

And all of that is without mentioning the juvenile girls (two of them are 13 & 14 years old) currently held in prison for more than a month on charges related to their protest activities. Read more about that here: On the Legal Front: Chaya Belogorodsky

There are times when a government betrays its own values, which are impluted to it by the people. Such a government has no right to expect obedience.
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